Yoda was a native of Alfheim and a member of the race of Star Elves.  He lived 666 to 101 years before Year 1.  He lived during a time when Alfheim and Asguardia were sometimes plagued by religious strife, often violent, between supporters of Monotheism and Incarnatism, and within the monotheists between the supporters of Menoth and Morrow largely due to the question of the Creator's gender. 

Yoda preached that the Creator God was not exclusively a Mother Goddess or an Allfather, but was either gender-neutral or alternated between being male and female. 

Yoda, a supporter of Incarnatism, told his fellow Incarnates that while they were correct in believing mortals could ascend to godhood after death, they should also accept the teachings of Menoth and Morrow that a divine Creator made the universe. 

Yoda gained a tremendous support among both his race and among Asguardian Dwarfs.  His legacy was that Incarnates came to accept belief in a Creator God for the most part. 

Even strict monotheists who disagreed with his Incarnatism praised Yoda for centuries and millennia afterward for promoting the view that the Creator was not exclusively male or female, and for converting his fellow Incarnates to belief in a divine Creator.

Some disciples of Yoda also stated that he believed in reincarnation, where the souls of evil or morally mixed mortals were recycled into new mortal bodies after death instead of ascending to divinity.