Orks are a race of Aliens who are green-skinned and often warlike. They worship the deities Mork and Gork. During the time the First Colonies were established, they have often been in contact with and often in armed conflict with other races such as Asguardian Dwarfs and Star Elves. Their home planet is Orklandia, which is located in the Andromeda Galaxy, but they have spread across the galaxies of the Local Group and even further out in the outer reaches of the known universe, as far as the Virgo Cluster. This is thanks to the Hyperdrive and spaceship technology they first stole from Star Elves and Asguardian Dwarfs.

Many Orks have been subjegated to the rule of outside, non-Ork-dominated regimes, including the Star Imperium and the United Planets. And they have fairly frequently engaged in armed revolt against them.

Orks have designed two classes of armed spaceships, the Kill Kroozers and the Fighta-Bommas, that have been adopted by other races.