Morrow was of the race of Asguardian Dwarfs.  He lived 2330 to 930 years before Year 1.  He was one of the first members of the races of Asguardian Dwarfs and Star Elves to travel between Asguardia and Alfheim in primitive, short-range spaceships, since both worlds were moons of the same gas giant planet.

He became a religious disciple of the Star Elf Menoth and spread his belief in Monotheism to Asguardia.  Morrow preached that the Creator God was the only true deity, but unlike Menoth suggested the Creator was a Mother Goddess instead of a male Allfather.  Morrow gradually converted the Moffs of several Asuguardian Dwarf clans from their previous faith, a combination of ancestor worship and Incarnatism