Ace of Spades SubsectorAdams SubsectorAlfheim
Alien Representation ActAliensAllfather
Alpha SubsectorAnd 1And 10
And 11And 12And 13
And 14And 15And 16
And 17And 18And 19
And 2And 20And 3
And 4And 5And 6
And 7And 8And 9
Andromeda GalaxyAndromeda SectorAntilla Dwarf Galaxy
Antilla SectorAquarius Dwarf GalaxyArchon
Artei 10th SubsectorArtei 11th SubsectorArtei 18th
Artei 19thArtei 20thArtei I
Artei IIArtei IIIArtei III Subsector
Artei II SubsectorArtei IVArtei IV Subsector
Artei IX SubsectorArtei I SubsectorArtei V
Artei VIArtei VIII SubsectorArtei VII Subsector
Artei VI SubsectorArtei V SubsectorAsguardia
Asguardian DwarfsAsuguardian DwarfsAtreides Subsector
Augustus SubsectorAutobotsBeta Subsector
Blue MonarchistsBush SubsectorCOMPNOR
Caesar SubsectorCanes I GroupCanis Major Dwarf Galaxy
Capital SubsectorCarina Dwarf GalaxyCartet Subsector
Centaurus A sectorCetus Dwarf GalaxyCetus Sector
Circinus sectorClinton SubsectorCommittee for Granting Archon Status
Corrino SubsectorCosmic Cyclone SectorCouncil of Archons
Council of MinistersCouncil of TwelveCouncil of the Clans
Creator GodCybertronDana Atrosos
Dans AtrososDans Atrosos SubsectorDark Elves
De Facto Intergalactic RepublicDecados SubsectorDecepticons
Delta SubsectorDraco Dwarf GalaxyDuro
DurosEarthEarth Subsector
Eight of Spades SubsectorEkonomatEleven of Spades Subsector
Enternity SectorEra of Questing SectorEskatonic Order
Eskatonic SubsectorExecutor-class Super Star DestroyersFar End of the Known Universe Subsector
Fighta-BommasFirst ColoniesFive of Spades Subsector
Ford SubsectorFornax Dwarf GalaxyFour of Spades Subsector
FreethinkersFundamental LawsGamma Subsector
Harrison SubsectorHawkwood SubsectorHida Atrosos
Hida Atrosos SubsectorHonored AlienHumans
IC 10IC 1613Imperial-class Star Destroyers
Imperial ParliamentImperial SectorImperial Sovereign
Imperial ViceroysIncarnate PartyIncarnatism
Intergalactic NavyIntergalactic sectorJackson Subsector
Jacques CartetJefferson SubsectorJudicial Forces
JumpgatesKill KroozersLarge Magellanic Cloud
Law on Removal of the SovereignLental SubsectorLental family
Leo 1Leo 2Leo A
Lionheart SectorLocal GroupM110
M32M49 SubsectorM81 Group
M81 SectorM83 sectorM94 Sector
Madison SubsectorMaffei 1 SectorMaffei 2 Sector
Maffei GroupMenothMenoth Subsector
Milky Way GalaxyMilky Way SectorModerate Party
MoffMonarchist PartyMonotheism
Monotheist PartyMonroe SubsectorMork and Gork
MorrowMorrow SubsectorMother Goddess
NCG 5128 GroupNGC 147NGC 185
NGC 2403 SectorNGC 3109NGC 4449 Sector
NGC 4605 SectorNGC 55 SectorNGC 625 Sector
Nar ShaadaNavy troopersNeo Sector
Nine of Spades SubsectorNixon SubsectorNul Hutta
Number ThreeNumber TwoObama Subsector
Old Gods of the Star ElvesOrklandiaOrks
Pegasus Dwarf Irregular GalaxyPhantom Zone SubsectorPlanetary Security Forces
Political partiesPolitics in the United Planets eraPolk Subsector
Prime MinisterQuasi-SovereignReagan Subsector
Rebel AllianceRed MonarchistsRok-class asteroid ships
Roosevelt SubsectorSagittarius Dwarf Elliptical GalaxySagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy
Satei 10th SubsectorSatei ISatei II
Satei IIISatei III SubsectorSatei II Subsector
Satei IVSatei IV SubsectorSatei IX Subsector
Satei I SubsectorSatei VIII SubsectorSatei VII Subsector
Satei VI SubsectorSatei V SubsectorSculptor Dwarf Galaxy
Sculptor GroupSeated assemblypeopleSector assembly
Seven of Spades SubsectorSextans ASextans B
Sextans Dwarf GalaxySigmaritesSix of Spades Subsector
Small Magellanic CloudSolo sectorStar Elves
Star ImperiumStarfish SectorStellar sector
Stellar sectorsStormtroopersSubsector
Subsector assembliesSubsectorsSul-Menites
TIE fightersTaylor SubsectorTen of Spades Subsector
ThamarThamar SubsectorThree of Spades Subsector
Tiberius SubsectorTriangulum GalaxyTriangulum Sector
True EmpireTucana Dwarf GalaxyTucana Sector
Twelve of Spades SubsectorTwo of Space SubsectorTyler Subsector
United PlanetsUnited Planets AssemblyUnited Planets Wiki
Universal CreditUnseated assemblypeopleUrsa Major 1 Dwarf Galaxy
Ursa Major 2 Dwarf GalaxyUrsa Minor Dwarf GalaxyVan Buren Subsector
Virgo ClusterWashington SubsectorWinged Horse Sector
Wolf-Lundmark-MelotteWolf SectorYoda
Yoda Subsector
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