The Local Group of galaxies, several millions of light years across, includes over 50 galaxies, including the Milky Way Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, and And 10, the home galaxy of Alfheim and Asguardia.  The early expansion of the Star Imperium until after Year 5000 occured in this part of the universe for the most part.

In fact, the Andromeda Galaxy and it's satellite galaxies were being explored by Star Elves and Asguardian Dwarfs as early as 300 to 325 years before Year 1 in spaceships using Hyperdrive

By the emergence of the United Planets government in Year 13,100, a very large number of Jumpgates in the galaxies of the Local Group permitted even smaller spaceships lacking hyperdrive to use Hyperspace for easy access of many parts of the galaxies in this section of the universe.

Since Year 4567, the Local Group has been divided into a number of Stellar sectors, each consisting of one or more galaxies.  Since Year 8919, the sectors of the Local Group have been divided into Subsectors.

As of the time of the United Planets, the stellar sectors in the Local Group include:

the Milky Way Sector, containing the Milky Way Galaxy and all of it's satellite galaxies, including the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, Large Magellanic Cloud, Small Magellanic Cloud, Leo 1, Leo 2, Sextans Dwarf Galaxy, Fornax Dwarf Galaxy, Carina Dwarf Galaxy, Draco Dwarf Galaxy, Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy, Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, Ursa Minor Dwarf Galaxy, Ursa Major 1 Dwarf Galaxy, and Ursa Major 2 Dwarf Galaxy.

the Andromeda Sector, containing the Andromeda Galaxy and most of it's satellite galaxies, including M32, M110, NGC 147, NGC 185, And 1, And 2, And 3, And 4, And 5, And 6, And 7, And 8, And 9, And 11, And 12, And 13, And 14, And 15, And 16, And 17, And 18, And 19, and And 20. It also includes two Subsectors in the Virgo Cluster.

The Imperial Sector, a solo sector containing the galaxy And 10.

the Triangulum Sector, a solo sector containing the Triangulum Galaxy.

the Antilla Sector, containing the Antilla Dwarf Galaxy and it's two satellite galaxies NGC 3109 and Sextans A.

a large number of Solo sectors, each containing only one small galaxy, including IC 10, IC 1613, Sextans B, Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte, Leo A, Tucana Dwarf Galaxy, Aquarius Dwarf Galaxy, Cetus Dwarf Galaxy, Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy, and Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy.