The Lental family was a family of Star Elves prominent in the politics of Alfheim and later the Star Imperium. They held hereditary seats in the Council of Archons and the Imperial Parliament, occasional seats in the Council of Twelve, a long line of Imperial Viceroys from Year 1 to Year 5704, and finally a number of Imperial Sovereigns including Satei VII, Artei VII, Artei VIII, and Satei VIII. Moreover, virtual all Prime Ministers from the creation of the Council of Ministers in Year 3465 to Year 5704 were from the Lental family.

The fact that for centuries that the Lentals monopolized the office of Prime Minister, that all Viceroys except for Asguardian Dwarfs until Year 5704 were Lentals, and several members of the family served as Imperial Sovereign is a testament to the legacy and prominence of the Lental family. Moreover, Lentals served as Quasi-Sovereign when the Imperium lacked the rule of a true Sovereign.

In matters of religion, the Lental family followed Monotheism as practiced by the teachings of Menoth. In politics, they opposed the Freethinkers and supported the Monarchist Party, though they alternated between the factions of Blue Monarchists and the Moderate Party.

With the rise of the United Planets, the Lental family became prominent in the Monotheist Party.