The Imperial Parliament was the legislative body of the Star Imperium, composed of hereditary nobles of the races of the Star Elves and Asguardian Dwarfs. From Year 2000 onward, the ruling Imperial Sovereign appointed members of races of aliens (based upon the Alien Representation Act) to lifetime membership in the Parliament. The ruling Sovereign had to approve of any legislation passed by Parliament, but the veto power over parliamentary bills passed to the Council of Twelve if the Imperial Sovereign was physically or mentally incapable of exercising his or her duties and powers, or if the office of Sovereign remained vacant. The Committee for Granting Archon Status was empowered to grant any Star Elf or Asguardian Dwarf a hereditary seat in the Parliament.

The Parlament was originally formed in Year 1 by a merger of the Council of the Clans with the Council of Archons.

When the Imperium transformed into the United Planets in Year 13,100, the Parliament was replaced by the United Planets Assembly as the intergalactic legislative body of much of the known universe.

After Year 13,100, now renamed the Parliament of Alfheim and Asguardia, the Parliament continued as the local governing body of the Star Elves' and Asguardian Dwarfs' racial homeworlds.

Composition of ParliamentEdit

The Imperial Parliament, when the Star Imperium was founded in Year 1, had 234 Star Elf nobles and 345 Asguardian Dwarf nobles and virtually no aliens.  By Year 13,100, when the United Planets replaced the Imperium, the Parliament had 670 Star Elf nobles and 555 Asguardian Dwarf nobles, as well as 1032 Honored Aliens as members.