Hida Atrosos was born in Year 233, and was the grandson of Dana Atrosos. He eventually inherited his clan's position of Moff and eventually inherited the seat in the Imperial Parliament that his grandfather once held. When the office of Imperial Sovereign became vacant from Year 820 to Year 1200, Hida Artosos assumed a position of leadership during this period. He was appointed one of the Imperial Viceroys, first appointed by the Council of Twelve in Year 831, and served as Viceroy until Year 1212. He died in Year 1720. Unlike his grandfather, he remained in politics until the end of his life. His religion was originally based upon Monotheism, but in Year 1346 public ally converted to Incarnatism. His party affiliation changed over the years. First part of the Blue Monarchists, by the time of his Viceroyship, Atrosos was a Moderate Party leader. After his transformation into an Incarnate, he switched to the Red Monarchists.

He is considered among the greatest Asguardian Dwarfs in the history of the Star Imperium.