Dana Atrosod was a male members of the race of Asguardian Dwarfs who was born 244 years before year 1. He was Moff of his clan, a member of the Council of the Clans, a hereditary member of the Imperial Parliament, and an occasional member of the Council of Twelve. At the beginning of the Star Imperium in Year 1, Imperial Sovereign Satei I appointed him one of two Imperial Viceroys. He retired from politics and government after the election of Sovereign Artei IV in Year 420, and died in Year 1045.

During most of his tenure as Imperial Viceroy, Atrosos assumed de facto leadership of the government of the Imperium since the position of Imperial Sovereign remained mostly vacant during this time. He was titled "Sovereign in all but name".

In matters of religion, he advocated Monotheism but advocated Yoda's belief that the Creator God was neither exclusively male nor only female. His politics saw him as head of the Moderate Party.