Artei I was a native of Alfheim and of the race of Star Elves.  He held the title of Archon, being a hereditary ruler of one of the dozens of nations and city-states on Alfheim.  Always a supporter of Monotheism, Artei I originally followed Menoth's monotheistic sect that stated that the Creator God was strictly male, properly Allfather

However, following the religious strife (often violent) that pitted monotheists against supporters of Incarnatism and divided monotheists between supporters of Menoth and Morrow, Artei I adopted Yoda's view that the divine Creator was not necessarily always male or female, but either gender-neutral or alternating between the two sexes.  Artei I, however, remained a staunch monotheist.  He also preached tolerance of Incarnates.

From 380 years before Year 1 onward, there was a move to united Alfheim under a world government to thwart the violent religious warfare on the moon.  By 340 years before Year 1, the world government was formed, headed by Artei I as the first Imperial Sovereign, and governing in tandem with a Council of Archons.  When he died 256 years before Year 1, he was succeeded by his son Artei II.  Artei I died when he was 606 years old, unusually old for a Star Elf.